Professional Services

Installation and Commissioning

Teams of professional installation specialists work to meet the highest industry standards in installation quality. With an emphasis on technical expertise, quality of workmanship and respect for your business environment, we pride ourselves on getting your business security, fire protection, and life-safety systems installed right the first time. During commissioning, quality tests are performed to ensure the proper operation and functionality of video surveillance camera installations, intrusion detection systems, access control systems and fire detection systems, so that your business systems perform as designed from the start.

Our Installation Specialists Make The Difference

  • Consistent quality for your installations on a local, regional and national basis
  • Quality of workmanship is guaranteed to your satisfaction
  • Systems installed to meet all design and performance specifications
  • Extensive quality testing to ensure proper operation and functionality
  • Validation of your installation for proper operation
  • Installation and commissioning of all fire protection and security systems

Customer Education and Training

We know technical product training can be an important part of getting the most from your Redshift systems. Thats why we are pleased to offer our customers the same training as our own technicians. Whether on access control, or IP based video systems, our blended web-based and classroom training provides high quality, professional instruction. These programs are designed to develop competency among your staff and are available for all of the installed systems and technologies we offer. We also offer training for our security systems through our technical training department. From initial training on security systems operation following installation, to training webinars that address a variety of situations  and more, our training teams are committed to providing training options that meet your needs now and in the future.

Customer Training To Meet Your Needs Today and Tomorrow

  • Security systems training programs to support the long-term success of your security initiatives
  • Allows customers to schedule training at desired times and intervals
  • Enables employees and staff to utilize the full capabilities of your systems
  • Designed to instill employee confidence, competency and compliance
  • Ideal for organizations where staff turnover necessitates recurring training
  • Available for all supported installed security systems
  • Helps reduce false alarms and system errors
  • Select web-based and/or on-line content available

Risk Reviews

Put an eye on potential risk. Be proactive when it comes to security and life safety. To identify potential security issues, our risk review services provide a comprehensive security risk assessment. In addition to risk analysis, we offer strategies to help mitigate loss, enhance physical security and ensure regulatory compliance. Our team can help recommend business class security solutions to fit your physical security requirements and help devise management strategies to reduce losses, protect profits, increase operating efficiency and improve documentation and reporting throughout your organization or enterprise. If you desire a clearer picture of potential life-safety issues in your facility along with appropriate safety recommendations, our team can offer an informal, walk-through risk survey at your site, at no cost. Customers who have partnered with us have found that we are able to work with them on ways to help reduce costs, limit risks, and help maintain the overall health and wellbeing of their people and property. This service is an excellent opportunity for our customers to be proactive and improve their own knowledge of facility issues, potential risks and possible solutions.

Benefits for Risk Reviews

  • Service on a local, regional and national basis
  • Insights that reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies
  • Solutions to help ensure regulatory compliance
  • Improved documentation and reporting
  • Recommendations to achieve greater operational flexibility