System & Equipment Maintenance

Just one call for everything you need. When your fire, security or life-safety systems need service or repair, contacting multiple providers takes time and energy. With one call to us, youll be connected to a total service solution. We can help keep your systems code compliant and at peak performance with testing, inspection, maintenance, and 24/7 emergency repair. Whether you need fire alarm service for a small business or maintenance and support of an entire enterprise video surveillance network, weve got you covered. We can work with systems from any manufacturer* and our service quality means that your system will perform as it should to safeguard your people and property. Redshift sets the standard with the level of reliable service your business demands.

Complete Maintenance and Service Support Programs

  • Inspection, testing and troubleshooting for all of your fire protection, security and life safety systems
  • Commissioning and testing services
  • Technical support available 24 hours a day
  • Software maintenance programs
  • Maintenance, warranty and service programs
  • Tiered service plans to help maintain budgets over multiple years

Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance programs ensure uninterrupted operation and peace of mind. Downtime is costly and the uninterrupted operation of your business is critical. Scheduled preventive maintenance can help keep all your components ready for response and help.  Our preventive maintenance services provide an affordable, fixed set of costs, allowing you to avoid high maintenance expenses on installed fire protection and security systems for as long as you own them. Tell us what you want and we can customize a preventive maintenance program to your exact needs. Youll have one point of accountability that extends across your entire operation and comprehensive local service from a single, multi-disciplinary organization.

Proactively Protect Your Budget and Your Business

  • One maintenance schedule, one point of accountability, one process for logistics, scheduling, reporting and vendor management
  • Inspect and/or service multiple systems during a single cost-efficient visit, helping to ensure system readiness while saving you valuable dollars
  • Ongoing maintenance available for all of your installed business fire protection & security systems
  • Preventive maintenance for intrusion, access control, video surveillance and fire protection systems
  • Fire system service agreements can include: testing and inspection; scheduled maintenance; 24/7 emergency services and repair; and more
  • Component replacement on a per item basis or as part of an annual service agreement
  • Predictable management and budgeting for your systems; preventative maintenance results in more reliable systems, eliminates unexpected repair costs
  • Programs customized for installations from small business to enterprise

Test and Inspection

Scheduled testing and inspection keeps your systems proactively maintained and ensures ongoing readiness. Our inspection teams are available to support you with regular ongoing inspections of your fire protection, security, and life-safety systems: fire detection and alarm, fire sprinkler and suppression, special hazards, emergency communications, intrusion detection, access control and video surveillance. Through a multi-step checklist, our inspectors and technicians ensure that all of your security devices, components and control panels are fully operational and in compliance with all applicable codes, with detailed reports identifying the actions needed to rectify any issues before problems occur.

Benefits of Test and Inspect Services

  • Complete system inspections for security, fire detection and fire alarm
  • Validate security system readiness in advance of a security event; help minimize risk from system downtime
  • Comprehensive, functional testing with specialized tools and instruments to detect malfunctions that visual inspection alone won't reveal
  • Test and inspect experience for systems in harsh environments, subject to dirt, dust, and improper maintenance
  • System performance evaluations to help reduce expensive emergency repairs and costly false alarms
  • Thorough documentation of inspection services that includes the final inspection report, deficiency identification and corrective actions

Upgrades and Parts Replacement

We can help you make the most of what you already have. Our systems are well known for their forward and backward compatibility, helping you to protect your original investment. Our systems are also expandable to support your changing needs. Having older systems doesnt mean that you need a replacement. Our upgrades can leverage existing systems and minimize disruption to your business. And if you require parts replacement, we have an extensive inventory available to meet your needs. Whether exploring the need to replace your equipment or replacing old components, we can offer you proactive options that can improve efficiency, control costs and strengthen your overall life-safety protection program.

Benefit from Our Upgrades and Parts Replacement

  • Forward and backward compatibility that can extend the lifespan of your systems
  • Package prices for replacement parts and labor that are lower than your costs for purchasing parts individually
  • Options to help control repair costs by making quick fixes during an existing call for system issues
  • Convenient, easy-to-install, onsite parts kits to simplify fire alarm system repairs and device replacements
  • Opportunities to stay ahead of potential problems by replacing compromised parts as soon as an issue is identified during regular inspections